What Is the Evolution Chain for Tympole?


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Tympole evolves into Palpitoad at level 25. Palpitoad becomes Seismitoad at level 36 in Generation five of Pokémon video games. Tympole is a water-type Pokémon that evolves into a water- and ground-type. This fictional creature is weak against electric- and grass-type Pokémon, yet it is strong against ground, rock and fire types. Tympole floats in the water before growing legs and walking as a Palpitoad.

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In the wild, Tympole has the abilities hydration, swift swim and water absorb. Moves such as growl, bubblebeam, mud shot, uproar, muddy water, rain dance, flail, hydro pump and hyper voice can be learned as the Pokémon gains levels. Hydro pump and hyper voice are two of Tympole's most powerful moves. Surf is a special move that can be taught to Tympole that helps players navigate through the fictional Pokémon world on large bodies of water.

Tympole is found in the Pinwheel Forest in the games "Pokémon: Black" and "Pokémon: White." The creature is number 535 on the Pokédex, whereas Palpitoad is 536 and Seismitoad is 537. Tympole is the "tadpole Pokémon," whose English name is a combination of "tympani" and "tadpole." In the original Japanese version of the game, this creature is called "Otamaru." A Tympole can vibrate its cheeks to produce high-pitched sounds that warn others of danger. These sounds cannot be heard by humans in the Pokémon universe.

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