What Are Some Erosion Control Products?


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Some erosion control products include erosion mats, erosion blankets, nonwoven geotextiles, woven geotextiles and stormwater BMPs, all from GEI Works. Additional products include Industrial Fabric's GreenSolutions erosion control blankets, high performance turf reinforcement mats, Shoretec articulated concrete revetment blocks, and commercial and Department of Transportation silt fences.

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Erosion mats from GEI Works are made from both natural and synthetic materials and have a composition that promotes plant growth and which reinforces the soil to slow down erosion. Biodegradeable matting and synthetic geotextiles are among the erosion mat options. Erosion blankets include natural fiber products made from coir, straw, wood fiber and straw-coco blends. These blankets slow erosion on slopes, channels, banks, roads and hillsides.

Nonwoven geotextiles work to foster aggregate separation and filtration. GEI's geotextiles are both permeable and strong, and range in weight from light weight 3 ounce fabrics to heavy weight 16 ounce fabrics. The company's stormwater BMPs help with stormwater, erosion and sediment control, and specific tasks include protecting catch basins, street drains, inlets and curbs. Both multiple high strength fabrics and filters go into the composition of this product.

The composition of Industrial Product's GreenSolutions erosion control blankets includes biodegradable straw, coconut or mixed protection, and the product serves to protect seed beds from erosion.

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