What Is the Equivalent of 1 Milligram?

Depending on the specific conversion a person may require, 1 milligram can equal 1000 micrograms, 0.001 gram, or 0.1 centigrams in the metric system. However, 1 milligram can also be converted to different Imperial measurements like ounces and drams.

For example, 1 milligram equals 3.527 x 10-5 ounces and 5.644 x 10 -4 drams. Knowing how to convert between ounces and milligrams may be useful for cooks who are preparing recipes with ingredients given in these measurement units. Another measurement unit often used in cooking is teaspoons of salts. One milligram of salt is equivalent to 0.00018 teaspoons of table salt. Similarly, 1 teaspoon of salt is equal to 5,687.50 milligrams. However, it is important to note that milligram is a unit measurement of salt mass, while teaspoon is a measurement of salt volume.