What Is the Equation for the Reaction Between HC104 and NaOH?

The reaction between NaOH and HClO4 is represented by the equation NaOH + HClO4 --> NaClO4 + H2O. In the equation, the reaction of sodium hydroxide with perchloric acid produces sodium perchlorate and water.

The equation represents the main industrial uses of perchloric acid — namely that of producing perchlorate salts that are used in rocket science as rocket fuel and extensively in pyrotechnics. Although in both rocket science and pyrotechnics, ammonium and potassium perchlorates are preferred to sodium perchlorate that is produced in this equation, NaClO4 is the precursor to the other two; at first, NaOH is combined with HClO4 to get NaClO4, and then NaClO4 is decomposed in a solution of KCl and NH4Cl to get KClO3 and NH4ClO3 respectively.