What Is the Equation for Centrifugal Force?

The equation for centrifugal force is Fc = mv2/r, where m equals the mass of an object, v is the speed and r is the radius, or distance from the center. Centrifugal force is defined as the outward force that an object seems to experience when it moves in a circle.

Centrifugal force is felt as if it is real but does not technically exist. An object being rotated is not necessarily experiencing any outward force, but because effort must be exerted for the object to stay in place, it seems as if there is. Centrifugal force is greater if the object is more massive, moving more quickly or further from the center of the circle. For example, people on a merry-go-round experience greater centrifugal force if they are standing further away from the center. Adults also experience a greater force than children because they are typically larger.