What Is EPA Certification?


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EPA certification most often refers to certification as a HVAC technician working on air conditioners and similar temperature-control machinery, although it can also refer to any training program run by the EPA that ends in the awarding of a certificate. The EPA runs many such programs pertaining to pollution prevention.

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The EPA concerns itself with enforcing environmental statutes issued by the U.S. government. It runs many certification training programs to ensure that people who work with pollutants know their dangers and can prevent environmental damage. Section 608 of the Clean Air Act covers air pollution, and all workers maintaining, repairing or installing air conditioners and refrigeration units must be certified in the safe handling of these machines. These machines often contain ozone-depleting or hazardous chemicals, and EPA certification aims at minimizing the risks they pose. Other EPA certifications involve testing and maintaining water resources, applying pesticides, and reducing the general use of toxic chemicals.

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