What Are the Environmental Threats to the Taiga?

There are many environmental threats to the taiga biome, including forms of pollution, deforestation and mining. The taiga biome is the home of many animals being put into danger by these environmental threats like the endangered Siberian crane, Amur and Siberian tiger.

Coal- and oil-powered boats often pollute this geographic area. These emissions also are rising as the result of the expansion of cities and towns that use these forms of fuel. Oil spills often happen when tankers crash into icebergs in this area. When emissions in the air mix with rain clouds, this creates acid rain that comes back down on the biome and further damages the area.

Lumber mills in the taiga also cut down trees in very large numbers, destroying the natural homes of the wildlife and this also imbalances the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

There are many mines in the area. These mines are commonly blown up and the harsh explosions kill wildlife and disrupt the areas where other animals commonly go to feed. These mines also produce large amounts of lye, which can filter out of the mines and into water supplies, compromising the purity of the water.

This area is a common hunting ground for poachers who kill large amounts of species that are already on the endangered species list.