What Are the Enemies of Great White Sharks?

Humans are the greatest enemies of great white sharks. Great white sharks are among the millions of sharks that each year get tangled in fishing nets, discarded by fishing vessels as bycatch or have their fins cut off for shark fin soup.

The second-greatest enemy of great white sharks is the killer whale. Actually the world's largest dolphin, the killer whale has been observed preying on great white sharks using attacks coordinated with other members of the killer whale's family group, known as a pod.

Another great enemy of great white sharks are other great white sharks. Great white sharks are viviparous, meaning the animals gives birth to live young. In the womb, shark pups cannibalize their siblings until only one or two remain. When great white shark pups are born, they must swim away from the mother to avoid being eaten. Great white sharks have been known to attack and kill perceived rivals.