What Are the Most Endangered California Birds?


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Some of the most endangered California birds are the California condor, Allen's hummingbird, bald eagle, black-billed magpie and black skimmer. Other endangered and threatened birds are the Western yellow-billed cuckoo, Gila woodpecker, bank swallow and the mountain plover.

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What Are the Most Endangered California Birds?
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The California condor is among the most endangered birds in California but also in the world. It is considered the largest bird in North America with an average height of 50 inches, a wingspan of about 9 feet and an average weight of 17 to 25 pounds. It thrives in the forested and rocky regions of gorges, canyons and mountains. The birds have been sighted in the southern coastal region of California, the northern portion of Baja, California, and the ecoregion of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. As of 2013, there are 435 California condors in the world, 237 of which are free-flying birds in California, Mexico and Arizona.

The National Audubon Society in California classifies the birds as either climate threatened or climate endangered. Birds designated as endangered are projected to lose more than 50 percent of their climate susceptibility by 2050. The Allen's hummingbirds, for example, are projected to lose about 90 percent of their breeding range in the state by the next 35 years. The National Audubon Society projected that other climate-endangered bird species in California can lose more than half of their current ranges by 2080 if global warming prevails.

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