What Are the Effects of Female Hormones on Men?

The impact of female hormone therapy on the male body includes the growth of breast tissue, a softening of the skin, a reduction in body hair growth, changes in fat distribution and muscle mass, changes in the genital region, and infertility, notes TransGenderCare.

The use of female hormones, especially estrogens, and anti-androgens on the male body causes a process called feminization, states TransGenderCare. The onset of the various physiological impacts of the hormones begins within one to six months, and the therapy may take up to three years to reach its maximum impact, says Open Minded Health.

During the therapy process, males who take female hormones have an increase in breast tissue, developing breasts up to a B-cup size over the course of two years, states TransGenderCare. Open Minded Health notes that this breast growth is likely permanent even if hormone therapy is stopped.

Fat distribution and muscle mass changes occur in men’s bodies as a result of female hormone therapy, says TransGenderCare. Fat moves from the stomach area, which creates a smaller waistline, to the legs, hips and buttocks, while the loss of muscle mass typically occurs in the upper body. In addition, hair on the legs, shoulders, abdomen, chest and arms diminishes over the course of several years.