What Are Some Effective Ways to Study Kinematics?


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One of the most effective way to study kinematics is to use an online lesson. Kinematics lessons are often found within the larger context of physics lessons, but many online courses allow you to jump to specific sections. PhysicsClassroom.com offers a free kinematics lesson with short quizzes to help retention. Study.com offers a more comprehensive course taught by professors, but requires a membership.

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An online course is mainly useful for someone who has not studied kinematics before. If you are just looking for a refresher, SparkNotes.com contains an overview of kinematics including important vocabulary and formulae. Many similar sites offer sample quizzes to test your knowledge as well.

More visual learners can find shared slides used by physics professors to study from, or search for educational videos on a site such as Youtube.com. ElucideanSpace.com contains a short lesson with several illustrations and diagrams to reinforce understanding. These sites can help students who have trouble with traditional lesson plans or who have trouble reading from a computer screen for long periods of time.

For more advanced study, consider searching for a lesson in a specific type of kinematics such as 3-D physics simulation or real world applications. Studying more nuanced applications of kinematics can help solidify your knowledge of the basics.

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