What Are Edible Weeds?


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Popular edible weeds include dandelions, sheep sorrel, goldenrod, stinging nettles, docks, sweet briar, goosefoot, pokeweed, mustard and wood sorrel. Others include red clover, plantain, sweet fennel, garlic grass, chickweed, burdock and chicory.

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All parts of some weeds can be eaten, such as the dandelion. Dandelion roots and milky juice are used medicinally. Its leaves are used in salads and as pot greens, and its flowers are used to make wine. With other weeds, only certain parts can be used and only at certain times.

All parts of a mature pokeweed are poisonous, but the leaves of a young pokeweed plant can be used for pot greens.

The young leaves of sweet briar can be used in salads, and the young leaves of the stinging nettle can also be cooked. Soaking them in water neutralizes the stinging compounds.

Chickory roots are baked and ground up for use in coffee. They can also be a coffee substitute. They're also used to flavor beer and stout.

Burdock leaves are used in salads, and the stalks can be peeled and cooked. They have a taste similar to asparagus.

The leaves of the mustard plant can also be used to make pot greens. The seeds are ground to make prepared mustard and pressed to extract oil.

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