What Are Some Ecofriendly Tips?


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Reducing waste and conserving resources such as energy and water are important when choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle. Eco-friendly living can include purchasing products with less packaging, recycling and buying locally.

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A simple eco-friendly tip is to purchase frequently used, non-perishable products, such as laundry detergent, dish detergent and shampoo in bulk size to reduce waste. Whenever possible, opt for products that are made with plant based ingredients, and avoid products that are packaged in plastic whenever possible. For example, bars of soap produce less waste than plastic bottles of body wash. Check the labels before choosing products, and opt for those with the highest percentage of post-consumer recycled materials whenever possible.

Installing Energy Star rated appliances can reduce energy and water consumption significantly. Choose appliances with the highest ratings to optimize savings and reduce consumption. Other options that conserve resources and reduce waste include donating old mobile phones, switching to rechargeable batteries and using a solar powered charger for mobile devices. Donating usable household goods such as clothing also reduces waste.

In the kitchen, choose organic foods to prevent pesticides and other dangerous toxins in the environment, and shop seasonally and locally whenever possible. For instance, buying seasonal fruits and vegetables from a local farmer's market reduces fuel consumption. Avoid non-stick skillets in favor of cast iron or stainless steel cookware to prevent chemicals from entering the air and food.

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