What Is an Eco-Map Template?


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An eco-map template is a template used to track emotional and physical family relationships. These types of maps are used to define family trees and map out specific connections of familial relationships.

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Eco-map templates allow an individual to add in all known family members and make connections between them, such as related activities or any outside entities. The user can also use the template to acknowledge the strength between each familial relationship, whether that is a strong connection between two people, a stressful connection or one that is uncertain.

An eco-map template typically contains family members' names and ages in the center, with lines going outwards to signify how the individuals relate to one another. Connections designed on an eco-map include those known through court proceedings, such as if one family member had previously sued another, or through church, a business, friends or education. Different lines are drawn between family members and the specific places relating them to signify the strength of the connection. A double line can be used to show a strong connection, a line with a zigzag in the middle is often used to show a stressful connection, and a single, straight line represents an uncertain connection.

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