What Are Eco-Friendly Tips for Discarding Big Boxes?


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An eco-friendly way to discard big boxes is to recycle by selling them. Some cities have companies that buy and sell used moving boxes. The site BoxCycle.com is an online marketplace for used cardboard boxes.

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Site visitors can sell their used boxes to buyers in their area using BoxCycle.com's search options. There are no upfront fees. The site also enables buyers to access a seller’s information such as location, hours and inventory. Buyers purchase online and arrange a pick-up date. BoxCyle.com provides video tutorials to instruct visitors as to the site's buying and selling process.

Posting an ad on U-Haul’s community boards is another method for requesting or getting rid of used boxes. The board connects buyers and seller who may want to exchange boxes or other packing supplies and materials. Getting in touch with a local recycling plant is another eco-friendly way to discard large boxes. They are available in most towns and cities, with some offering box pick-ups. Boxes can also be dismantled and discarded in a town’s recycling bins. Local charities or the library often need large boxes and can provide another outlet.

Finding new uses for cardboard boxes in the home is another way to recycle. Cutting boxes up and using the cardboard for drawer dividers or for organizing files can give old boxes new life. They can also be used in craft projects, as mini shelving in a garage or basement area, or as bins for composting or trash.

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