What Eats an Eagle?


Eagles belong to the class of bird known as raptors, which are a predatory class, meaning that eagles themselves are predators. Eagles are not usually on the diet of any animal, but their young or deceased eagles are sometimes eaten by other animals. For example, adult American bald eagles have no known natural predators thanks to their size, but their nests and eggs may be attacked by animals as small as squirrels.

Predatory behavior against eagles depends on the age and size of the eagle. For instance, golden eagle nestlings are predatory targets for grizzly bears and wolverines, but there are very few reports of predation of adult golden eagles or golden eagle eggs. Some eagle species, such as the American bald eagle, may compete for food with other raptors, but they are not under direct predatory threat from these birds, which include osprey, gulls and hawks. Ravens have been known to harass certain species of eagle, but this does not amount to predatory behavior.

Overall, eagles are relatively safe from natural predators. Their biggest threat comes from direct and indirect human activity, including the disturbance or even elimination of the eagle's natural habitat and prey. Though human activity is a threat to these birds, humans are not listed as predatory threats to either golden or American bald eagles.