What Are Some Easy Ways to Conserve Energy?

easy-ways-conserve-energy Credit: Mike Kniec/CC-BY 2.0

Energy conservation doesn't necessarily require drastic steps. Instead, most people can reduce their energy consumption by making small changes to daily habits, such as embracing public transportation or more efficient household appliances.

  • Adjust Appliance Temperature
  • Heating and cooling take energy, so those who want to reduce energy consumption can start by turning up the heat in their refrigerators and turning down the heat for their hot water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines. Just a few degrees usually does the trick.

  • Buy More Modern Products
  • Replacing old incandescent lightbulbs with newer compact fluorescent bulbs can help conserve energy. Those with the financial means to do so can take it a step further and replace old appliances, such as refrigerators or washing machines, with newer, high-efficiency models.

  • Use Alternative Transportation Methods
  • Driving a car is a major area of energy consumption, so switching to walking, biking or taking public transit can easily cut down on energy use.

  • Make Home Heating and Cooling More Efficient
  • Homeowners know that heating in cold weather and cooling in hot weather can be expensive, and that high cost is an indicator of wasted energy. Taking steps such as improving insulation, setting the thermostat to less dramatic highs and lows and even planting strategically placed trees can all help lower home heating and cooling energy consumption and cost.

  • Advocate for Environmental Policy
  • Not all changes have to be personal. Voting and taking action to ensure lawmakers enact good energy policy is a way to make sure everyone is concerned with energy conservation.