What Is an Easy Way to Learn the Periodic Table?


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Because the period table contains so much information, people have varying definitions of what it means to learn it; however, the Edcoogle website's blog contains mnemonics to help people memorize the elements' positions, and Quizlet has ready-made flashcards for learning the elements' names. Quizlet also has flashcards for memorizing the elements' numbers.

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Most periodic tables contain the element's symbol along with its number; many also show the atomic weight of each element. The position of elements also reveals information about them. As a result, learning the entire periodic table requires a significant amount of study.

One of the best ways to start is to learn which symbol corresponds to which element. While many are fairly straightforward, such as "H" representing hydrogen, others aren't as clear; "Sn" stands for tin. By learning these relations, studiers can use flashcards showing only the elements symbol to learn additional information.

After learning which element corresponds to which symbol, studiers can then focus on what number corresponds to certain symbols. After learning this information, filling out a blank periodic table is fairly straightforward since numbers increase from left to right and from top to bottom. After memorizing the shape of the periodic table and the number of elements per row, studiers can then create the entire table on their own. Mnemonics can help with this information since they cover entire rows of the periodic table.

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