What Are Some Easy Project Topics in Microbiology?

An easy microbiology project investigates how well household disinfectants work at killing bacteria. Another project experiments with the use of aloe vera juice to inhibit the growth of mold on fruit.

The first project requires a large plastic kitchen cutting board. Use a permanent marker to divide the board into six numbered sections. Rub the board thoroughly with luncheon meat, and allow it to sit overnight. The next day, fill five small numbered glass containers with five different household disinfectants and another with water (as the control). The student uses clean cotton balls dipped in the disinfectants to clean each section, making sure to match the numbers of the glass containers with the corresponding section of the cutting board. Let the board dry completely before swabbing each section with a clean Q-tip and swiping one of six nutrient agar plates numbered to correspond with the board sections. Store the plates in a warm place for two days before examining them for bacterial growth.

The second project requires filling one glass with water and another with aloe vera juice. Wash several strawberries in the water and another batch in the aloe juice. Dump the contents of the glasses, cleans them, and repeat the cleansing process with new strawberries two more times. Allow the strawberries to dry, and store each batch in a clean and clearly marked containers. Observe the containers over a period of days to see which group of strawberries grows mold first.