What Are Some Easy Physics Experiments for Kids?


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Some easy physics experiments for kids are studying how static electricity works using a balloon and wool cloth, making a rainbow or a parachute, and trying out different colored surfaces to see which one absorbs light better. Other ideas for experiments are testing the behavior of magnets in certain conditions, such as under water or when frozen, and making an electrical circuit using a potato.

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To set up the light and colored surfaces experiment, start by wrapping a piece of white paper around a drinking glass using a rubber band. Do the same with another drinking glass and a piece of black paper. Use water to fill the glasses up the same amount, and then place the glasses in the sun for a few hours. After the glasses of water sit in the sun, measure the temperature of the water in each. The glass with the black piece of paper around it should be hotter than the glass with the white paper because darker colors absorb more light and heat.

For the experiment on static electricity, rub two balloons against a wool fabric one at a time. Try to bring the two balloons together and observe the results. The balloons should try to move away from one another because the static electricity makes both balloons have a negative charge.

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