Do Your Ears and Nose Continue to Grow?

Cartilage, which makes up most of ears and noses, continues to grow even after other parts of the human body, even bone, stop growing, according to Arthur Perry, M.D., of the Dr. Oz Show, although other experts disagree. The force of gravity also works on earlobes to cause elongation.

The Medicine Journal maintains that gravity, not continued cartilage growth, is the culprit in the extended ears and noses of aging people, as cited on the Today I Found Out website. Areas such as cheeks and lips are susceptible to a loss of volume as a person ages, making the ears and nose appear larger in comparison.

After a person finishes puberty, calcified bone stops growing, Perry states. As people age, their muscles and fat-containing tissues also stop dividing. Some people elect to have corrective cosmetic surgery to reduce the appearance of a bulbous nose or extended ear lobes.