How Do You Earn Money by Recycling?


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Depending on the recycling service, you can earn money for recycling by sending in recyclable materials to companies such as Essendant, TerraCycle and Mail In Mobile. Some companies only except certain items, and pay either in cash or in points, as in the case of TerraCycle's Points Program.

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You can earn money with Essendant's Green Cycle program by first creating a website account. The company recycles ink and toner cartridges, so send your empty cartridges in by mail in a taped box with a prepaid shipping label. Essendant pays cash for the cartridges.

TerraCycle accepts certain office supplies, food packaging, cosmetics and diaper packaging as part of its Brigade program. To recycle with TerraCycle, sign up on the company's website. Next, download the Collect, Store and Ship Guide from the website. Send your waste to the appropriate facility, after which TerraCycle gives you credits that can be applied to the school or charity of your choice.

Mail In Mobile is a program that pays for old mobile devices, such as cellphones and tablets. Go to the Mail In Mobile website and get a quote to determine whether you want to sell or recycle your device. To recycle, mail in your device to receive payment.

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