How Do You Find an E. Coli Bacteria Life Cycle Diagram?


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Diagrams of the life cycles and reproductive methods of Escherichia coli are available on websites such as Weebly.com and BiologyDiscussion.com. E. coli is capable of reproduction by two methods; the diagram on Weebly.com depicts binary fission while BiologyDiscussion.com contains a diagram of bacterial conjugation.

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According to Weebly, the most common method of reproduction among E. coli is the asexual process of binary fission. During binary fission, DNA molecules are replicated and attached to the cell membrane of the organism. The cell then grows in size and produces a new cell wall between the copies of DNA and divides itself into two new daughter cells. Binary fission is advantageous to E. coli due to its ability to be performed by a single organism.

Weebly also has an educational video on bacterial conjugation, the other reproduction process of E. coli depicted in a diagram on BiologyDiscussion.com. Bacterial conjugation, which is not strictly a sexual process due to the lack of gamete combination, involves the sex pili of two E. coli specimens. Conjugation begins with the replication of the plasmid positive donor E. coli's genome, which is then transferred to a recipient organism. Fertile E. coli specimens locate each other for conjugation by using a signal enabled by a mating enzyme.

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