During Which Months Can Orion Be Seen?

The constellation Orion can be seen between the months of November and February. Orion is made up of seven stars, with two forming the shoulders, three forming the belt and two forming the feet.

The constellation Orion is sometimes referred to as the hunter, since the stars in it form a pattern that can be likened to a man holding a spear in one hand and a shield in another. This constellation can be equated to the coming of winter since its timing coincides with the season.

This constellation is one of the most visible to human beings on Earth, and it is named after a hunter in Greek mythology. It is said that this hunter was quite good, but would brag a lot about his skills. When the gods grew tired of his bragging ways, they sent Scorpius, or Scorpion, to kill him. Orion despised the small creature Scorpius, but was later stung by it, leading to the hunter's demise and eventual positioning in the sky by Zeus.

There is another constellation named Scorpio in accordance with the Greek myth, and it can be seen during the summer months. According to the myth, the two constellations appear at different times because of their rivalry.