What Are the Dugway Geode Beds?


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The Dugway Geode Beds are lake sediments located in Juab County, Utah. Rock collectors search this area for geodes filled with massive banded clear, purple and pink quartz.

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Volcanic activity occurred in western Utah 6 to 8 million years ago, which left behind rhyolite, an igneous extrusive rock. Cavities formed inside the rhyolite because of trapped gases, and after millions of years of water circulation on the ground, minerals developed inside the cavities. These minerals are called geodes. They have a spherical shape and a crystal lining. Approximately 32,000 years ago, much of western Utah was covered by a large body of water called Lake Bonneville. The wave activity in the lake eroded the rhyolite and relocated the geodes several miles away in the Dugway Geode Bed area. The Bureau of Land Management in Utah allows collectors to take small amounts of gemstones and rocks for noncommercial personal purposes.

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