What Is a Dubia Roach?


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Dubia roaches are insects of the species Blaptica dubia, also known as the orange-spotted roach, that are kept as pets and as feeder insects for reptiles. They are a medium-sized species of cockroach from South America.

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What Is a Dubia Roach?
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Dubia roaches are preferred as a pet and feeder species because they are easy to handle and not prone to escape. They are slow-moving, and females are wingless. Even the winged males rarely, if ever, fly. They cannot climb smooth surfaces, like glass terrariums or plastic tubs.

They are also easy to care for, as they do not need any filler at the bottom of their enclosures and can be fed many different types of food. As feeder insects, the various sizes of their life stages provide meaty and nutritious food for reptiles of all sizes.

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