What Is DNA and RNA?


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DNA and RNA are nucleic acids, which are also considered polymers. Deoxyribonucleic acid is used to create ribonucleic acid that, in turn, contains the primary sequence of amino acids needed to make proteins.

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While DNA and RNA are found in different parts of the cell and have different functions, they are always found together due to how they function. Without DNA, there would be no RNA to assist in the production of protein.

The DNA is located in the nucleus of the cell while RNA is found in the cytoplasm even though it is synthesized in the nucleus. Both of these cell components encode genetic information, but of the two, only RNA catalyzes biological reactions. Structurally, both of these polymers are unbranched meaning they are one long line of genetic building blocks. If either one of these polymers fails or were to disappear then life would cease to exist. Without both of these elements there would be no protein created, which is required for life to exist and to produce energy.

Both DNA and RNA are found in all living cells, no matter what species or kingdom they belong. These molecules are considered very large compared to other molecules that can be found in living organisms.

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