How Do You Dispose of Light Bulbs?


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To dispose of light bulbs, contact a local waste collection agency, inquire about proper disposal of light bulbs and dispose of the light bulbs according to the instrucitons provided.

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How Do You Dispose of Light Bulbs?
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  1. Contact a waste agency

    Call the telephone number of a local waste collection agency. Begin by contacting the agency connected to your local government's waste department, if applicable.

  2. Inquire about light bulb waste

    Ask an agency employee about the appropriate method of disposing light bulbs is in your area. Regulations vary by locality. Some areas require recycling of light bulbs.

  3. Dispose of the light bulbs

    Follow the agency's instructions for disposing of the light bulbs. The instructions may be to bring the bulbs to a specified drop-off location or to prepare the bulbs for curb-side pickup.

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