How Do I Dispose of Asbestos?


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To dispose of asbestos, follow the local laws and regulations concerning the removal of the materials in the state or city of residence. Many regions require homeowners to hire a licensed contractor to transport asbestos because the material poses a significant safety hazard when handled improperly. The materials can be disposed of in one day if they are prepared for transport.

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How Do I Dispose of Asbestos?
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  1. Determine local laws and regulations

    Asbestos must be disposed of in a manner that follows state and local laws and regulations. For instance, in some regions, asbestos must be removed and disposed of by a licensed or certified asbestos removal company. It is also necessary to file a notification before removing or disposing of asbestos in many regions.

  2. Use the proper safety equipment

    After the asbestos has been removed, it must be packaged and transported according to local regulations. Obtain containers that are approved for asbestos disposal, and transport the waste in an approved vehicle. Some regions require asbestos to be transported by an approved disposal contractor.

  3. Dispose of the asbestos

    Take the materials to a landfill that is approved to handle asbestos, and pay any fees required. Typically, the disposal fees are based on the weight of the materials.

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