What Is Dinitrogen Trioxide Used For?

Dinitogen trioxide is a highly combustible chemical compound that is often used for special purpose fuels. The compound contains two nitrogen and three oxygen molecules. This chemical is also fatally toxic.

The chemical compound dinitrogen trioxide is commercially used for special purpose fuels due to its highly combustible nature; the chemical doesn't actually burn but only supports combustion. It is more often used in combination with other chemical compounds as it is an oxidizing agent. It creates heat and gas when combined with reducing agents; in a closed container, it causes a pressure build-up and a make-shift rocket is created. As entertaining as this can be, it is also very dangerous.

Dinitogen trioxide is dangerous because of its corrosive nature to the skin, which causes burns. It's also toxic when ingested, inhaled through vapors, or absorbed through the skin. If this does occur, then poison control should be called immediately as the chemical can be fatal.

It is commonly in liquid form, which appears blue and has a very strong, unpleasant odor. Dinitrogen trioxide is not generally used in any household products, but being aware of its toxic nature can help to prevental illness or fatality if it is ever encountered.