What Are the Dimensions of an Acre?


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Because an acre is an unit of area measurement that equals 43,560 square feet, the dimensions of its sides are measured in feet. However, the shape of an acre of land can be a rectangle, square or other shape. If an acre is rectangular in shape, then the width in feet multiplied by the length in feet must equal the area of 43,560 square feet.

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What Are the Dimensions of an Acre?
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For a square-shaped acre of land, then the square root of 43,560 feet square gives the side dimensions of the square as 208.7 feet by 208.7 feet. Another definition of an acre are the dimensions of 66 feet, or one chain, by 660 feet, or one furlough. This definition is linked to the estimated amount of land that could be tilled by one man working with a plow and ox.

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