What Are Different Types of Sponges?

Many types of sponges exist within the animal kingdom, including the black-ball sponge, boring sponge, branching tube sponge, giant barrel and green finger sponges, and many more. Sponges live primarily in aquatic environments, and they are found on ocean floors around the world. They vary in size and habitat; some are large and have multiple branches like trees, while others contain single stocks and have hard shells.

Like other organisms, sponges vary in appearance and characteristics depending on the species. Azure vase sponges are among the most magnificent in appearance. They live in tropical locations and are recognizable by their bright baby blue exteriors. These sponges are shaped like long vases and have terminal vents. They have large pores and grow on the walls of coral reefs. Their companion species are generally sponge brittle stars. These sponges range in color from pink to purple and fluorescent blue.

Black-ball sponges are much darker in comparison. They have long, hollow tubes and are covered with black or navy blue shells. These species live on reefs, but they can also be found in deeper locations and on muddy sands. They resemble bells or cakes in shape, and they may provide shelter for a number of small fishes, such as clown fish and minnows.