What Are the Different Types of Poplar Trees?

Different types of poplar trees include the white poplar, or abele, the cottonwood and the black poplar. Another poplar is the Lombardy poplar, which is a male clone of a tree grown in the Lombardy region of Italy. Aspens are other types of poplars.

The white poplar is native to central and western Europe and is grown as an ornamental in parks and gardens. Its leaves are covered with white down before they open. Then, they turn a dark, glossy green above and pure white beneath. The bark is also white or gray and smooth.

The cottonwood grows near rivers and is grown for its timber and valued for its use as a shade tree. It has triangular serrated leaves. It's a fast-growing tree, but it does not live very long.

The true black poplar is native to Europe, north Africa and eastern Asia, but its cultivars have been planted widely. The Lombardy poplar is a type of black poplar. This poplar is noted for its columnar habit. Its bark is also gray, fluted and can be cracked. It might also bear shoots. The one drawback of Lombardy poplars is that they, too, don't live long.

The quaking aspen grows over large regions of North America. The flattened stems are what cause the round, toothed leaves to quake in the wind.