What Are Some Different Types of Ores and Their Uses?

Some different types of ores and their uses are bauxite, which contains aluminum; stibnite, which contains antimony; chromite, which supplies chromium; chalcopyrite, which provides copper and wolframite and scheelite, which provide tungsten. Each ore can have metals extracted for use in construction, electrical items and other goods.

Bauxite is a rock that's made of aluminum oxides, or alumina. Bauxite must be imported and go through a complex process to extract the aluminum from it. Aluminum itself is the most common metal element on earth and is used in everything from foil wrap to the fuselages of airplanes and electrical wires.

Antimony is alloyed with lead to harden it. It's also used in type metal and solder, sheet metal, pipes and as a flame retardant. Manufacturers use antimony salts in rubber and glassmaking. Chromium is the metal that gives the gleam to faucets and other bathroom and kitchen fixtures. It is also necessary for the creation of superalloys.

Copper has a great variety of uses including construction, electrical wiring and plumbing. Alloys of copper include tin, which is an alloy of zinc and copper and bronze, which is an alloy of copper, tin and other metals. Because copper has germ-fighting properties, it's often used for medical instruments.

An extremely tough metal, tungsten is used in drills and welding. It is famously used for filaments in incandescent lamps because of its high melting point.