What Are the Different Types of Magnolia Trees?


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Different types of magnolia trees include the cucumber tree, Yulan, evergreen magnolia and the Japanese big-leaved magnolia. Magnolias are both deciduous and evergreen, with large, showy flowers that have both male and female parts.

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The cucumber tree is a magnolia that's found in the forests of eastern North America. It's cultivated as an ornamental. The flowers bloom in spring, and the fruit looks somewhat like a cucumber when it's young and green.

The Yulan is native to China. It's a deciduous tree that's also grown as an ornamental. It is often seen around temples. The buds open early, and the flowers are pure white.

The evergreen magnolia is also called the southern magnolia or the bull bay. It's found in the southern United States and is grown not only for its glossy, dark green leaves that persist on the tree but also for its large and fragrant flowers. These flowers can be as much as 12 inches across when they're fully open.

The Japanese big-leaved magnolia, or magnolia kobus, is known for its strong-smelling flowers that appear in late spring. The leaves of this tree tend to be wider than those of other magnolias and are clustered at the ends of the branch.

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