What Are Some Different Types of Lab Furniture?

Examples of types of laboratory furniture include lab benches, forensic cabinets, chemical cabinets, general lab cabinets and carts. Stools, apparel dispensers and drawers are also commonly located in laboratory settings.

Typical laboratory benches are long tables on which scientists conduct experiments. When furnishing a laboratory, purchase tabletops designed specifically for lab settings because they are made out of materials that do not easily catch fire or corrode. The benches usually have drawers along the sides for storing lab equipment. Forensic cabinets are found in labs in which scientists conduct forensic investigations. They utilize electricity and feature specialized ventilation and chambers for storing forensic evidence under the necessary conditions.

Chemical cabinets are necessary in laboratories where scientists work with corrosive, volatile or hazardous chemicals that require special storage accommodations. Certain chemicals used in chemistry labs pose a hazard to the environment if not stored in one of these cabinets, while others may deteriorate in quality if not stored appropriately. The cabinets contain areas for securely storing such chemicals so they do not tip over and spill.

General cabinets are used for storing supplies that do not require specific storage conditions, such as tweezers and test tubes. Carts that transport equipment around the lab help minimize the risk of dropped or spilled supplies.