What Are Some Different Types of Fruit Trees?

What Are Some Different Types of Fruit Trees?

Apple, pear, lemon, orange and peach are some different types of fruit trees. These fruit trees each bear edible fruit that is harvested during varying times of the year.

Apple trees originated in Central Asia and are the most widely grown fruit tree. Thousands of different varieties produce fruit for eating, cooking and juicing. They thrive in temperate zones in full sun and well-drained soil. The trees bloom in the spring and bear fruit in autumn.

Another fruit tree originating in Asia, the pear tree begins producing fruit approximately four years after it is planted. The fruit can be picked green since it continues to ripen after it is harvested. Pears are used in a variety of dishes and taste great eaten raw.

Lemon trees are evergreen. They produce a white bloom before creating a sour fruit containing high amounts of citric acid. Lemons are used for cooking and baking and are the main ingredient in lemonade. Due to the high acidic content, lemon juice is also used for cleaning.

Orange trees grow in warmer, tropical or subtropical climates. The trees begin producing fruit two years after they're planted and have a strong, sweet scent that's popular with perfume manufacturers.