What Are Different Types of Energy Sources?

different-types-energy-sources Credit: Stanislaw Pytel/Taxi/Getty Images

Non-renewable and renewable energy sources are the two types of energy. As the names state, non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels are not able to be used again. Renewable sources such as wind can be used over and over again.

Renewable energy is useful for power generation, heating small spaces, hot water and transportation fuels. Some of the most popular and widely used renewable energy sources include solar energy and wind. Wind turbines, resembling large windmills, are useful for generating electricity. Solar energy comes from the sun and is useful for generating electricity in homes with the use of solar panels.

Steam and hot water from the earth's crust is also used to generate electricity. Wood, manure and corn can be burned and used as a heat source. Hydropower is produced when water runs through a dam. The running water activates a turbine which in turn runs an electric generator.

Non-renewable sources of energy account for the majority of energy usage. Much of the energy consumed comes from coal, petroleum and natural gas. These are also known as fossil fuels. The fossil fuels produce energy through a process known as combustion. This process also helps release pollution which could harm the earth in the form of acid rain and global warming.