What Are Some Different Types of Birch Trees?

Types of birch include crimson frost birch, European white birch, Heritage River birch, white-barked Himalayan birch and paper birch. Crimson frost birch received its name due to its deep burgundy-red leaves that turn from crimson to orange-yellow in fall.

The European white birch, or silver birch, lives longest in a northern, moisture rich environment.

The Heritage River birch has tooth-edged triangular green leaves that change to yellow, and the tree is often multi-trunked.

The white-barked Himalayan birch, or jacquemonti birch, is the lightest color of all the birch trees, is fast-growing and can reach 60 feet.

The paper birch, also called the white birch or canoe birch, is a North American variety of birch that is used to make canoes.