What Are Some Different Types of Bats?


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Some different types of bats include microbats, vampire bats and flying foxes. Bats are the second largest and most diverse group of mammals, with hundreds of different known species.

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Microbats are the more common kind of bat in North America. They are relatively small, rely on echolocation and eat insects. Some microbats have corrugated skin folds and elaborately shaped nose membranes that enhance their ability to use echolocation.

Vampire bats are a small group of bats, with only one species that lives solely in tropical South America. Extinct species lived as far north as Florida. Vampire bats subsist on blood from other mammals, which they consume by lapping at a bite wound they make with specialized incisors. Their wide, blade-like teeth are unique to their genus.

Flying foxes are enormous bats that have conical, fox-like faces. They eat fruit, nectar and flowers. The largest bat in the world is Pteropus vampyrus, a flying fox with a 5-foot wingspan.

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