What Different Types of Asian Flowers Are There?

The lotus flower is one noteworthy Asian flower, and it is a sacred symbol in Buddhism, according to Garden Guides. They are flowers that are generally pink or white in appearance. Cherry blossoms also have significance in China, Japan and Korea. The chrysanthemum plant also has meaning in Chinese tradition, and it means long life in Japanese culture.

Garden Guides also notes that jasmine is a flower that is often incorporated into women's hairstyles in South Asia and Southeast Asia. It is also known for its fragrance and flavoring, and it is used in making tea. Jasmine is also said to have medical purposes and is believed to prevent cancer when consumed.

Garden Guides also mentions white butterfly ginger, a plant that grows in tropical areas of Asia. It is known for its butterfly-shaped flower petals and 60-inch stalk. The flower also has a fragrance that smells of honeysuckle. The bloody cranesbill blooms in late spring and has vibrant, pink flowers with red marks in the center of the blossom. The leaves of the bloody cranesbill plant turn red in the fall. The chocolate vine produces purple in the spring time, emitting a vanilla-like fragrance. The leaves grow all year, and it can be an invasive plant if not pruned properly. The Chinese ground orchid spreads by way of rhizomes under the ground, and it thrives most in moist conditions. The blossoming of this plant occurs in early spring, and it is commonly found in the foothills of Asia.