What Are Some Different Types of Apple Trees?

What Are Some Different Types of Apple Trees?

There are many apple varieties available today. The yellow-green American Summer Pearmain apple is sweet, juicy, and flushed and streaked red to purple-red. The Blueman Pearmain apple is named for its blue bloom, while the Gascoyne's Scarlet apple produces a pink juice.

The Arkansas Black apple keeps well in storage but turns black in doing so. The Ballarat Seedling apple keeps for several months without refrigeration. The Galarina apple has some ribbing and a five-pointed calyx end, and it keeps for over four months in excellent condition.

The Decio apple may be the oldest variety in existence, suspected to date back to Roman times. The Beauty of Bath apple, a popular English garden apple, originated in the Victorian era and is one of the first in the season to ripen.

The Delicious apple is one of the most important and famous American varieties of apple, of which many varieties, such as Red Delicious, have been developed. The Antonova apple from Russia is a culinary apple and important rootstock for the region, due to its ability to tolerate extreme cold. The Granny Smith apple is perhaps Australia's most famous export.

The Allington Pippin apple has a strong pineapple-like taste, while Chenango Strawberry apples have a strawberry flavor. The Cinnamon Spice apple tastes of cinnamon, and Ellison's Orange apple has an aniseed flavor.