What Are the Different Theories Regarding the Origin of Human Life?


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The seven most popular origin of life scientific proposals are colloquially named electric spark, community clay, deep sea vents, chilly start, RNA world, simple beginnings and panspermia. Over 3 billion years, the microbes evolved into more complex life forms, such as humans.

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Life requires hydrogen in order to begin and thrive, which gives rise to the idea that deep sea vents are the catalyst for abiogenesis, life which does not emerge from other life. In the modern world, these deep sea vents continue to host a variety of different creatures. The simple beginnings idea fits together, and it states that life may have begun not as RNA, but as even simpler molecules interacting with one another in the right conditions, such as very cold or very hot locations or even in clay.

The electric spark proposal indicates that electricity hitting the earth causes amino acids and sugars, two of the building blocks of life, and over time these blocks developed into simple proteins or RNA.

The final proposal, panspermia, only solves the question of the origin of life on Earth, not all life. It suggests that life initially formed elsewhere in the universe, and it arrived on Earth via asteroids or other natural satellites.

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