What Are the Different Shades of Green?


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Shades of green include emerald, apple, jade and kelly green. Other shades of green include aquamarine, spring green, beryl and pea green. Sap, seafoam, chartreuse, fir and viridian are also shades of green. Other shades of green include sea green, sage, pine and moss. Mint, olive, olive drab and forest are also shades of green, and lime, leaf green and grass green are also green hues.

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Green is a color that has both a cooling and warming effect. It is often associated with harmony, stability and balance. It denotes growth, nature, renewal and health. Negative connotations of green include jealousy and inexperience. Cultures associated with the color green include Ireland and Islam.

The color green often reminds people of spring. Alongside red, green is a Christmas color, and both colors are also used to signify stop and go on traffic lights. Many awareness ribbons are colored green, including those for recycling, going green, saving Darfur and stem cell research.

Other organizations associated with the color green include Save the Earth, medical marijuana and organizations supporting many different diseases. The color green is also associated with supporting family farms and rural communities. Olive or olive drab are shades of green that may be associated with military.

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