What Is a Different Name for the Planet Earth?


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The planet Earth can sometimes be referred to as terra firma, macrocosm, globe, big blue marble and terrestrial sphere. It is believed that life only exists on Earth since no other planet has the right environment to support life.

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Water covers 71 percent of Earth's surface, which is why it is quite unique when compared to the other planets that are mainly covered in ice and gas. Earth is the third planet from the sun with the closest planet to the sun being Mercury followed by Venus. It takes Earth 365 days, or one year, to go around the Sun and 24 hours to make a complete rotation on its own axis.

Pictures taken from space reveal Earth as being blue, an effect scientists say can be attributed to the ocean cover. One of the reasons why Earth is suitable for life is that it is able to support plant growth.

Plants produce their own food through a process called photosynthesis, which makes it possible for other creatures to get nourishment by eating them. Plants also take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen during the process. Other planets do not have plants nor any known living organisms.

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