What Are the Different Kinds of Monkeys?

What Are the Different Kinds of Monkeys?

The different kinds of monkeys are Old World monkeys and New World monkeys. New World monkeys are found in the Americas and include monkeys such as woolly spider monkeys. Old World monkeys are found in Africa and Asia and include langurs, Diana and colobus monkeys.

The woolly spider monkey, or muriqui, is found in rainforests along the coast and up into the mountains of Brazil. It has a sturdy body, pot belly, prehensile tail and a thick coat that gives it part of its name. It can be found in the trees where it searches for fruit, seeds, leaves and flowers to eat.

The squirrel monkey is a little monkey found from Colombia to the Amazon basin. Its habitat is more diverse than that of the woolly spider monkey, and it is omnivorous. It eats eggs, insects and spiders as well as fruits and nuts.

The Diana monkey, or Diana guenon, lives in western Africa. It gets its name from the bow-shaped fur on its head that reminded people of the goddess Diana. It's a slender monkey that lives in troops headed by a male.

The Hanuman langur is also named after a deity, but is found in Asia. Most types are large monkeys, and can be found in trees and on the ground.