What Are Different Kinds of Lilies?


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Lily species include the Japanese golden-rayed lily, orange lily, Canada lily, Krameri, Madonna lily, Henry's lily, tiger lily, Easter lily, Martagon lily, Turk's cap lily, panther lily, regal lily and Japanese lily, according to The Flower Expert. Other types of flowers have often been mistaken for lilies, such as the day lily, water lily and arum lily, but these blossoms are not lilies and belong to other species of plants.

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What Are Different Kinds of Lilies?
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Wikipedia lists additional types of lilies including the Bolander's lily, Washington lily, Shasta lily, Mt. Hood lily, leopard lily, Sierra tiger lily, Alpine lily, Meadow lily, Michigan lily, Carolina lily, swamp lily, American tiger lily, sandhills lily, wood lily, Philadelphia lily, prairie lily, Polish lily, turban lily, goldband lily, morning star lily, coral lily, low lily, Siberian lily and Siroi lily.

The Flower Expert states that lilies are imagined to symbolize purity and refined beauty. In many cultures, lilies are believed to convey different meanings according to their species and color. For example, white lilies symbolize modesty and virginity. Orange lilies symbolize passion. Yellow lilies symbolize gaiety. Easter lilies are thought to symbolize the Virgin Mary, and lily of the valley symbolizes sweetness and purity of heart. Lilies are the fourth most popular flower in the world.

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