What Are Some Different Brands of Saltpeter?


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Brands of saltpeter include Quality Choice, Humco, the Science Company, Duda Diesel and Great American Spice Company. Some brands sell the product under the alternate spelling "saltpetre" or under the chemical names "potassium nitrate" or "sodium nitrate."

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Majority of saltpeter brands sell food grade saltpeter powder intended for food preservation, such as curing and thickening agent. Pyrotechnics, fertilizers, stump removal and gunpowder also use saltpeter.

Duda Diesel sells technical grade sodium nitrate pellets in quantities up to 50 pounds, primarily intended for non-food uses. Quality Choice produces 4-oz. bottles of saltpeter, while most of the other food-grade manufacturers sell the product in half-pound, or one-pound bags or bottles.

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