What Is the Difference in Pur Minerals Vs. Bare Minerals?

The difference between Pur Minerals and Bare Minerals makeup is in the ingredients. Bare Minerals makeup contains titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, bismuth oxychloride, mica and iron oxides. Pur minerals makeup has all of these ingredients except zinc oxide but also contains a number of other minerals not found in Bare Minerals. The variation in ingredients is not significant enough to make a major difference in the effectiveness of the brands.

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are used in making sun block, but their primary purposes in mineral makeup are in making it waterproof, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. Iron oxides add color. Mica makes skin appear smoother and softer, but it is also dangerous as it may cause tiny abrasions. Bismuth oxychloride creates a glow to the skin. However, it is not a natural ingredient but a byproduct of copper or lead smelting, and it can cause tiny tears, rashes, itchiness and acne. Due to complaints of adverse reactions, some makeup brands have stopped using this ingredient.

Most or all of these ingredients are also found in normal makeup, but mineral makeup leaves out other ingredients, such as preservatives, waxes, chemical dyes, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil and parabens. These are often the additives in makeup that create irritations and exacerbate allergies.