What Is the Difference Between Karyokinesis and Cytokinesis?

Karyokinesis is the process in which a cell's nucleus is divided by mitosis or meiosis, and cytokinesis is the division of the ctyoplasm in a cell. They are biologically similar processes, with minor differences.

Karyokinesis is not dependent on cytokinesis to occur, as it comes before the division of cytoplasm. Cytokinesis occurs as the next step after karyokinesis during cell division, though it does not always occur. It divides the organelles in cells, allowing them to be distributed to new cells after meiosis or mitosis takes place. The new cells then grow the rest of the needed organelles to survive. Cytokinesis may occur independently, although the majority of the daughter cells created through the process die as a result. Cytokinesis is typically reliant on karyokinesis to occur.